Learn How to Go LIVE Online to Boost Your Brand & Business!


Learn to Go Live

Now more than ever we need to create live video to reach our customer base. Whether you are a small or large business, church, parent, coach, educator, journalist, or life event planner you need to add live video to your workflows. Best of all you don't need fancy equipment, just your iPhone or iPad!

In these 9 modules you will learn:

  • The Power of Live Video
  • How to set up accounts
  • Getting ready for a session
  • Network requirements
  • How to use your iPhone or iPad
  • Which apps are best
  • Adding accessories to look and sound even more pro
  • Must do's before going live
  • Wrapping it all up!

Bonus Lesson:

  • One-on-One with Sue B Zimmerman (The Instagram Expert) about Instagram strategies
  • Members also enjoy access to all our courses, ability to be a part of the community, and join our live sessions.